How to avoid a boiler breakdown in London?

It’s everyone’s worst winter nightmare: BOILER BREAKDOWN !!
You’re getting ready to jump in a lovely hot shower or bath only to find that your boiler’s broken down. Living in [city], Property ownership comes with quite a few responsibilities and one of them is looking after your boiler.

Before you decide to throw in the towel and put your house up for sale, try some or all of these top boiler care tips:

Lag your water pipes

There’s a special type of insulation for pipes which is called pipe lagging. You normally buy it in a semi-split foam tube that slips over your pipes. We at boiler repair chiswick recommend you install the pipe lagging during the summer or early Autumn to stop your water pipes from freezing or bursting with from frozy mornings/evenings. It also helps prevents condensation forming and damaging Chiswick home.

Turn your heating on during the summer

We understand it always feels odd switching your boiler on when its warm outside. Luckily in London there are often cooler days in the Summer when you switch the heating on. We recommend you try and switch your boiler on once a month for 15 minutes to keep it ticking over.

Bleed your radiators

This is really simple, for more help talk to a heating engineer : emergency plumber chiswick 
Air pockets in your central heating system will put a strain on the boiler, as it tries hard to heat your home through the extra pressure. Check for air pockets by feeling the radiator and making sure there are no cold spots. The ideal boiler’s pressure should be between 1 and 1.5 bar.

Get an annual boiler service

We recommend you have your boiler checked over annually by a qualified gas safe registered engineer. All heating engineers will be able to catch any small issues before they become big problem and tell you if your boiler poses any carbon monoxide risks.


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